Special Services

Working Hours : 8.30 am. to 6.30 pm

Self Check-in and self check-out

Using the Self check-in and Self check-out the students and staff can directly borrow the books and return the books without the intervention of the library staff, using the barcode.


Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) helps the user to view the information regarding the book or journal or any other CD/DVD, project reports and also provides details of the status of the resources, whether it is available in the library or in circulation.

Digital Library

E-library feature is an integral part of NIRMAL software. This feature is used to build the digital library.  The E-library contains the subscribed journals, open access full text journals, subscribed and open access e-books as well as Newspaper and MOOCs. These e-resources are hyper linked to provide convenient access for students and staff and researchers. Question paper copies are added to the virtual library for remote access.

Institutional Repository

DSpace, institutional repository management software, is used to store the 2047 video lessons, 710 Research thesis/dissertations, 92 multimedia documents, 164 Ancient copyright free books, 64 Holy Cross College Old magazines.  74 ancient Photos of historical importance were scanned and uploaded in to DSpace Server.  DSpace collection has reached to 5000 documents.


Holy Cross College library is the institutional member of NDL (National Digital Library), NPTEL (Local Chapter). Courses are offered to student and staff through SWAYAM and NPTEL.


Plagiarism checking is done for the P.G.Projects , M.Phil dissertations and Ph.D Theses and research papers / articles and books for publications using Urkund Software.

Book Bank

The library operates a Book Bank scheme for students who are economically deprived. Under this scheme, text books and reference books are issued to the eligible students. for a entire semester under  Book Scheme.

Reprography service:

 Xerox facility is available in the library.

Part time Voluntary Service

Students can spare their services to the Central library during their leisure time as part time volunteers. Such students are honored with certificates at the end of each academic year.

Department Libraries:

Many department in the Holy cross college has a department library apart from the central library. Department libraries are available in the following departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Rehabilitation Science, English,  Commerce, History, Computer science, Hindi and French