• The NAAC peer team visit for onsite assessment for IV cycle of Accreditation was held on 11 th & 12 th February 2020. Holy Cross College received A++ Grade with 3.75/4.


Dr. MARGRAT SHEELA,Chemistry, R and S Configuration, Organic Chemistry

Dr. NOREEN ANTONY,Dr.L.CATHRINE and Dr. FELICITA FLORENCE, Chemistry,Events of digestive system, Chemistry of Biomolecules

Dr. S.VIDHYA,Chemistry, Rotation of molecules, Physical Chemistry

Dr.A. LEEMA ROSE,Chemistry, Nuclear fission and fusion, Inorganic Chemistry

Dr.J.ROSALINE VIMALA,Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Physical Chemistry

Dr.P. SAHAYA AMUTHA and Dr.L.CATHRINE,Chemistry,Unique Properties of Water, Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. AMALA INFANT JOICE,Chemistry, Organic Reactions, Organic Chemistry

Dr.AMALA INFANT JOICE,Chemistry,Nanotechnology, Green and Nanochemistry

Dr.R. KANMANI,Chemistry,Conformational analysis of n-butane, Organic Chemistry

Dr.S. VIDHYA,Chemistry,Rigid Rotator, Physical Chemistry

Dr.S.VIDHYA,Chemistry, Hyperfine Splitting, Physical Chemistry

Dr.V. PRIYA, Chemical Kinetics, Physical Chemistry

Ms. JANEETA PRIYA and Ms. ANNIE PREETHA,Chemistry,Primary and Secondary Structure of Proteins, Organic Chemistry

Ms.A.AGILA,Chemistry, Introduction to Adsorption and Catalysis, Physical Chemistry

Ms.F.Femina,Chemistry, Paper and Thin layer chromatography, Inorganic Chemistry

Ms.JANEETA PRIYA,Chemistry, Introduction of Green Chemistry, Green and Nanochemistry

Dr. AMALA INFANT JOICE,Chemistry, Introduction to Thermodynamics, Physical Chemistry

Dr.A. LEEMA ROSE,Chemistry,Hydrogen bonding in day today life, Inorganic Chemistry

Dr.V.PRIYA,Chemistry, Electrical Double Layer, Physical Chemistry

Ms. MARGRAT SHEELA,Chemistry,Hybridization of carbon in methane, Inorganic Chemistry

Ms. VIMALA,Chemistry, Carbanions, Organic Chemistry

Ms.M. STELLA BHARATHY,Chemistry,Conductometric titrations, Physical Chemistry

Dr.A. LEEMA ROSE,Chemistry, Periodic Table, Inorganic Chemistry

Dr.A. TONY ELIZABETH,Chemistry, Significant Figures, Analytical Chemistry

Ms. MARGRAT SHEELA,Chemistry, Flame Test - Theory Video Final, Inorganic Chemistry

Ms.M. STELLA BHARATHY,Chemistry, Volumetric Analysis, Inorganic Chemistry

Ms.MARGRAT SHEELAChemistry,,Flame Test - Demo Video

Ms.V. PRIYA ROSELINE,Chemistry, Isomerism, Organic Chemistry

Dr. M.KAVITHA,Chemistry, Manufacture of Cement, Industrial Chemistry

Dr. P. CHRISTINA RUBY STELLA,Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Dr.J. MORRIS PRINCEY,Chemistry, Hybridisation, Organic Chemistry

Ms. VIMALA,Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Physical Chemistry

Ms.P. PRATEEMA,Chemistry, Enzymes, Chemistry of Biomolecules

Ms.V. JAYARANI,Chemistry, Hybridisation of Carbon, Inorganic Chemistry