ERP Activities

In the Year 2017 - 2018 Enterprise Resource Planning (HCC ERP) software came into existence; which is the integrated real-time management of various processes mediated by software and technology using common databases maintained by a database management system.

The ERP system supports key administrative and academic services. The core of ERP system supports student administration (student enrolment procedures, financial support for students, student data etc.), human resource management (monitoring of students) and finance (accounting, payments etc.) and developmental services of institutions.

HCCERP, which comprises of Administrator, Faculty, Staff and Students that enable the suave working of all the academic and administrative activities of the College.

HCC ERP integrates all facets of operation which includes online,

       Admission Processing

       HCC Calendar

       Attendance Management

       Timetable Generation

       NME Registration

       CIA Processing

       Exam Registration

       Hall Ticket Generation

       Feedback Collection from students and faculty

       Transfer Certificate/ Conduct Certificate/ Course Certificate Generation

       Result Publication

       Fee Payment Processing

       Online Hostel Admission and fee payment

       Online Hostel Renewal Application for 2nd and 3rd year students

       Online quiz

       Online Certificate Course Registration

       Online Internal Seating allotment

       Online External Seating allotment

       Online grievance for students

       SMS notification to students and parents

       External Assessment Report ( Individual, Consolidated, Supplementary mark sheets))

       External Mark Entry

       External Examiner feedback

       Assessment Report for University

       Course Completed Report for University

       Convocation registration and fee payment

       Online feedback Collection from Students, Staffs

       Online Alumnae Registration

       Library Management.

       Service Oriented Course (SOC) Registration

       Online Revaluation Exam Registration and Payment

       Holy Cross website