• The NAAC peer team visit for onsite assessment for IV cycle of Accreditation was held on 11 th & 12 th February 2020. Holy Cross College received A++ Grade with 3.75/4.


About Library

     Holy Cross College library caters to the needs of the teaching and non teaching staff, research scholars, students and outside scholars who look for information resources. The library is located in a three storey building situated in the central part of the college and easily accessible to all the departments. The library is fully automated with NIRMALS (Network Information Resources Management of Academic Library System) Software with Barcode Technology.

     The housekeeping operations are fully automated with 17 desktop computers kept in different sections of the library and connected to the main server to store and retrieve data regarding the resources, users and any other activities

     Library was established with 1000 volumes of books in 1923. Now the collection of books has risen to 138023 and 110Journals and magazines and a plethora of e-resources such as DELNET, NLIST, SCOPUS.

     In the year 1999, Book Bank Section of the library was established.

The automation process was started in the year 2000.

The Barcode Tehnology was introduced in the year 2005.

Wi-Fi Facility is available from 2015 onwards.

Kindle and Tablets are introduced in the year 2015-2016.

Web OPAC-online search facility was launched on 2018.

In 2019, RFID Technology was introduced to improve the efficient functioning of library

E-library feature is integrated with NIRMAL software in the year 2019.The library also began subscribing to E-Resources Web of science , scopus and ProQuest from the year 2019.The subscribed e-resources and Open Source Resources have been integrated into the website. Remote access facility is available for all the above e-resources.

A Rare book section and archival section were created in 2019, housing a collection of 1252 rare books, some dating back as early as 1840. The rare book collection covers a broad range of subjects, including Literature, History, Economics, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, and Ethics.

In 2020, the library launched a new digital section with 60 computers and purchased a document scanner for digitizing archival books.

The library also became a member of Bookshare, an online library for people with print disabilities, and introduced the Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) software for visually challenged and print disability students.

Innovation Corner is a new initiative aimed at sharing and brian storming new ideas and innovative projects by staff and research scholars. Innovation corner – an inspiring space in the college library, stimulates thinking and networking, culminating the new ideas.

In the year 2022 we have purchased Turnitin software for detecting plagiarism in research articles and theses.

The Holy Cross Publishing House was inaugurated in January 2023 with the primary objective of enabling staff and students to publish books with ISBN numbers.