The students of I UG and I PG are given training for meditation through  the programme Mediation in Action Movement (MAM) coordinated by the Department of Value Education (DOVE). This Meditation is based on the Mindfulness technique to experience self-awareness, greater focus and silence.


Aim: Live to Love & Love to Live

Motto: Excellence to Godliness

This motto refers to the never- ending eschatological life journey from excellence to Godliness through awareness that is achieved  by meditation .


  • To inculcate the practice of meditation in the everyday life
  • To enable the people experience a deep awareness about Godliness
  • To boost up one’s energy, dynamism, skills and values
  • To perform and deliver abundant fruits with selfless service to the humanity


MAM is a charismatic movement with specific activities to inculcate meditation, awareness, values and concern for people in students.


Students experience attitudinal change and transformation to  enhance holistic development of mind, body and soul.

The Beginning:

The inauguration of MAM took place on 12th July 2014 and was inaugurated by Rev.Fr.A.M.Swamy, Jesuit Priest Sambo Kyoden Zen teacher and director of the ashram Bodhi Zendo at Perumal Palayam addressed the students explaining what MAM was and its usefulness in one’s life. He stressed on mindfulness “a technique when we train the mind to be thoughtless- all the above helps are to lead to self awareness and a deep concentration and silence.  This course was started for the I UG students and marks were awarded for attendance and practice. Rev.Fr. Thamburaj S.J from St.Joseph’s college mentored the process.