The Counselling Centre of Holy Cross College (Autonomous) offers Counselling services, Psychological testing, Therapeutic intervention and out campus programmes. The Centre provides services to the students with academic issues and behavioural problems. It helps to foster a sense of self-worth, confidence, self-reliance and dignity in students with a special thrust on personal growth. It also caters to need-based personal and group counselling.


 To help the student work out a plan for solving his/her difficulties.

To help the student to know one’s students to know one’s own interests, capabilities, aptitudes and opportunities

To assist the student in planning for Educational andvocational choices.

Motto: To be fully alive, To be a fully functioning person

Process: A trained and experienced counsellor and psychologist offers professional service to students who are maladjusted and delinquents. Orientation on counseling is given to the 1st year students. Students express their willingness to come for counseling and take appointment. Some students were referred and sent to the counselor by the teachers.  Very few students were referred to the psychiatrist every year .

Each session takes a minimum 30-45 minutes. Some were in need of 2 or 3sessions depending on the intensity of the problem.

  • 1.Types of problem
  • Students with Educational problems
  • Students with Behavioral problems

Poor academic performance, Lack of concentration,

Poor memory, not able to study, Friendship problem,

negative influences of the peer group, Unhealthy relationship,

Lack of decision making ability, irrational beliefs

Suicidal tendency, and maladjustment behavior.

  • a.Some personality problem

Mood disorder, Paranoid, depression,

bipolar disorder, Psychotic,

ADHD (Attention deficiency and Hyper activity disorder),

Split personality, Manic depressive,

 Psychosis, Paranoia , OCB (Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour),

Phobic Neurosis, Anxiety neurosis and Trauma. 

  • 2.Therapeutic Interventions

Counselling –Personal counseling and Group counseling

REBT (Rational Emotive Therapy)- for irrational beliefs

Assertive Training –For Leadership and learn to say No

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – for behavior modification

CEBT ( Cognitive Emotional Behavioural Therapy)

Dream analysis

GT- (Gestalt Therapy) for grief

VKD-  Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation -Phobia

NLP-Neuro Linguistic programming  For Trauma, Tragedy, Phobia, for life line Goal setting etc