Gender Champion Club

The Gender Champion Club formerly Gender Club was started in the year 2011 with the students’ membership from all the departments for gender sensitization.

As per the guidelines of Ministry of Women and Child Development and University Grants Commission, it has been renamed as Gender Champion Club having open membership for all I and II UG students of our College. It is one of the wing of Women’s Studies Centre funded by University Grants Commission, New Delhi.


Gender Champions are envisaged as responsible leaders who will facilitate an enabling environment within their academic institutions where girls are treated with dignity and respect. They will strengthen the potential of young girls and boys to advocate for gender equality and monitor progress towards gender justice


The broad mandate of a Gender Champion is to provide an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to understanding the social and cultural constructions of gender that shape the experiences of women and men in society. The aim is to make the young boys and girls gender sensitive and create positive social norms that value the girls and their rights

Roles and Responsibilities of a Gender Champion

  Provide overall guidance to the peer group in integrating gender in all activities.

  Engage a variety of stakeholders in gender mainstreaming activities.

  Promote Gender Champion Club in educational institutions and undertake innovative activities.

  Organize awareness programmes on various gender issues to influence behaviour change.

  Organize the college fest on theme of gender equality and women's empowerment and encourage students to sign up and express their support for gender justice and equality.

  Organize exposure visits to various public service institutions to facilitate knowledge about gender issues as they affect diverse populations

  Arrange for providing necessary Life skill education and information/guidance about existing public services to their fellow students.

  Demonstrate knowledge of important Government schemes, events, legislation, and court rulings which has a major impact on the treatment and experiences of diverse groups.

  Display the best practices through exhibitions, fests, annual magazines etc.


The Club members were sensitized on gender by displaying gender cookies, Programmes on woman unbound, enhancing women’s inner strength, Social Quotient, Life Skills, women - yesterday, today and tomorrow, women in media, Tamil literature and gender equality, impact of economic liberalization on women, Psychological Challenges faced by Women in the Modern Era, Portrayal of Women in Media, gender awareness, gender equality, gender sensitization, feminism, Programme on Gender Equity for the male students and rally on Gender walk.

Study circles were conducted on the themes such as role of women and men in the society with gender perspectives, gender based responsibilities and its consequences and role of women and men in the society with Future perspectives.

Name of the Staff Coordinators Ms. Saraswathi R
Co-ordinator, Women’s Studies Centre
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Shyamala G E,
Assistant Professor of Commerce (S I)
Ms. Deerkalakshmi V S
Assistant Professor of English (S II)
Ms. Irudaya Monica Catherine J
Assistant Professor of Mathematics (S II)
Student Representatives: Bujanaya T S, II BA History (S I)
Jerlin F, II B Sc Maths (S I)
Kevin Priya K, II BCA A (S I)
Ramya M , II BBA B (S I)
Priya Dharshini.V, II B.Sc. Computer Science (SII)
Arockia Jebs, II B.Sc. Mathematics ‘A’ (S II)

Contact details

Office 0431-2700637
Mobile Number 9786598803
E-mail id directorwsc2010@gmail.com