Come Alive works for the psycho somatic sanctity of the body among persons and society covering the themes of love, marriage and family providing support to students of all age group both in the village community and in the campus.


To work for the body, mind, spirit integration and the sanctity of human body.


  To sensitize students about various issues relating to good touch and bad touch.

  To enable students establish and accept the role and responsibility of their own gender by acquiring the knowledge of sex.

  To enable students to understand and avoid sexual abuse in campus and at home.

  To promote pro-life movement.


Live and Let Live.

Name of the Staff Coordinators Dr. L. Cresenta Shakila Motha
Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation Science (S I)
Student Representatives S. Helan Kethini, I B.R. Sc. Rehabilitation Science (SI)
M. Sivaranjani, I B.Com. (CA) (SI)
S.J. Karthigaa, I B.A. English Literature (SI)

Activities Undertaken:

  Lecture on the Topic "Emotional intelligence”

  Publication of 22 e-books in amazon.com

  Conduct of regular classes for shift I and shift II students registered for “Come alive”

  Orientation and hands on experience on social case work and social group work to student trainees from social work department from 11colleges.

  Participation of 400 persons in the awareness programmes on “drug addiction, education , health and hygiene in schools.”

  One day Couple Enrichment programme for public

Contact details

Office 0431-2700637
Mobile Number 88384 73863
E-mail id pricibeejo123@gmail.com