“Education should be for one’s life and for the life of others”  


     Among the various courses offered by HOLY CROSS COLLEGE, the courses on Rehabilitation Science and Special Education offered by The Institute of Rehabilitation Science and Special Education is recognized by The Rehabilitation Council of India in The Multiple Disability Category. This course is the first of its kind in the whole of Asia. Started in 1983 as a fruitful blossoming of the triangular partnership of three noble minded institutions. i.e. Holy Cross Congregation of Chavanod, Bharathidasan University and Christoffel Blinden Mission, West Germany, to alleviate the dearth of trained Rehabilitation Workers.
The college has envisaged the noble mission of educating and training students to help, support, train and empower persons with special needs in order to have a more fruitful life in an inclusive society. The Institute of Rehabilitation Science offers Diploma, Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral Degree and Need Based Courses in Rehabilitation Science and B. Ed Special Education (ID) under TNOU and its study centre, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, and Diploma in Special Education, to build a cadre of professionals who will work with all categories of people with special needs.
Ever since its inception, the Institute has strengthened its knowledge base by networking with many local, national, international agencies and using the expertise and resources in various forms to build a strong professional network. Three eminent academics from USA – Dr. Jeanne Kenmore, Dr. Christine Carlson and Dr. Pameela Amber, with the support of Christoffel Blinden Mission from Germany have contributed by sharing their knowledge and expertise in the initial stages of inception.
This Department is Affiliated to the Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu and Recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). This course has been recognized by Govt. of Tamilnadu (G.O. Ms. No. 901, dated 20.07.1989). Department of Rehabilitation Science initiated the School of Rehabilitation Science in 2020, to enter into new era of education.


   1983: B.R.Sc. UG Programme Started

   1986: M.R.Sc. PG Programme started with option of Visual and Hearing Impairment Specialization

   1987 – 1990 PGDRM

   1987 – 1997 2 year Associate Degree in Special Education (A.S.Ed) affiliated to Bharathidasan University was started.

   1990 : Integrated M.R.Sc (5 yrs) (HI &VI/MR) – M.R.Sc (MR)

   1995 : The M.R.Sc integrated course was restructured to 3 year B.R.Sc and 2 year M.R.Sc course as per the RCI requisition

   1997 : 2005 Diploma in Preschool Education

   1997 : Integrated M.R.Sc Restructured to B.R.Sc. (3 yrs) & M.R.Sc. (2 yrs), RCI recognition for B.R.Sc with four majors – Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Mental Retardation & Locomotor Disability Approved by RCI to conduct National Bridge Courses in the field of V.I, H.I & M.R

   1997 : Holy Cross Blossoms Opportunity School for Special Children was established

   1998 : RCI National Bridge Course

   2000 : 2002 DSE (MR) (1st yr) Started

   2000 PhD Programme started

   2001 BEd (SE-DE)-MPBOU

   2001 RCI -CRE Programme

   2003 DSE (MR) (2yrs)

   2005 Foundation Course on Disability – Distance Education

   2006 : International Conference

   2008 Training Programme Community Based Rehabilitation for Multipurpose Rehabilitation Workers of Pudukottai District

   2008 Master Level Training Programme for Trainer of the Trainees (TOTs), District Disability Rehabilitation Office (DDRO), Pudukottai

   2007: Holy Cross Rainbow Therapeutic Unit was established to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the Department.

   2008 International Conference

   2009 B.Ed (SE-DE)-TNOU

   2010 International Conference

   2011 Foundation Course on Education of Children with Disabilities (FCED) Programme offered in collaboration with National Centre for Disability Studies (NCDS), IGNOU, and the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)

   2012 International short term course on LOW VISION sponsored by Christoffel Blinden Mission

   DSE (MR)- NIMH International Workshop on Audiology and Rehabilitation (IWAR)


1983 - 1987

Dr. Jean Rice Kenmore


Ms. Pamela Amber

1987 – 1995

Mr. Prabakar Immanuel

1995 – 2009

Dr. Sr. Maria Kamalam

2009 – 2010

Dr. Sheila Christopher

2010 – 2011

Dr. Kanagala Uma

2011 – 2014

Dr. Joicey P. Manickam

2014 – 2017

Dr. P. Nagalakshmi


Dr. Sr. Lourdu Mary

REHAB ASSOCIATION REPORT FROM 2014 TO 2019(Speacial Features)

  1. Village Camps

            The Department organizes need based community camps which aims at creating public awareness, prevention, identification, education, rehabilitation and referral services for the differently abled. Special features include health education through skits, puppet shows, street plays, exhibition and cultural exchange during the camps. Many camps are organized in collaboration with Government and Non Government organization.


  1. Earn While you Learn Program

            Earn while you Learn program instituted in the year 2001 is tailored for the benefit of students who wish to earn while they learn. This unique opportunity is provided to students of our department to serve the dual purpose of exposure to practical work and ensuring financial rewards for the same by reaching to the clients at their residence. They will get hands on experiences and opportunity to assist the parents of the differently abled.


  1. Rehab Association

            The association organizes a broad range of programmes and competitions to cater to the academic interest through special lecturers and symposiums. It provides opportunities to students to develop their skills and talents through extracurricular activities.


  1. Rehab Wings

            A student voluntary forum started in 1997 for the students, by the students and of the students. A voluntary forum where both UG , PG and diploma students get enrolled to reach out to the unreached   out of the class hours to usher in holistic development to their fellow brethren with varying disabilities  in accordance to their need. The students voluntary form works Exclusively for persons with disability  and is committed to render

  • Screening and identification

  • Assessment

  • Home & Community based training (case management, supported home living)

  • Preparing talking books, Reader & Scribe service

  • Speech correction and training

  • Parental counseling and education

  • Referral and follow up

  • For the NGO’S

  • Conduct awareness campaigns

  • Undertake survey/screening camps/mini research study

  • Train children with disabilities to compete in contests

  • Organize various programmes and competitions


  1. Job Placement Cell

            The employment cell ever since its initiation continues  with its yeomen service of networking and placing students of UG ,PG  AND DIPLOMA  students in lucrative jobs on request from its user agencies and NGOS. locally, nationally and internationally . Students work at administrative and managerial level and as academicians, researchers, teachers, co-ordinators, field workers and have earned good reputation for their sincerity and commitment.



Prominent Positions held by Alumni

In India

Lecturers, Project Administrators, Project coordinators, vocational counselors, Regional Directors, Heading Own Programmes (Entrepreneurs) – Nearly 11, Special Educators, Low vision Counselors, School Counselors etc.


Rehabilitation Specialists, Assistant Professor, Programme Officer, Special Educator, Rehabilitation social workers,

  1. Alumni Association

            The ex – rehabians are extended a cordial welcome to meet, interact, share views and opinions every year in the name “Santhipoma”. This association aims at bringing in innovative and constructive changes in the institute. They are also connected through a face book page “rehabbabes” and whatsapp group “Rehabians” Our alumnae are serving the differently abled in nearly 14 countries like United States, Dubai, Muscat, United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, UAE, Srilanka, Canada, Kwait, Japan, Tanzania, Germany and Australia.


  1. Blossoms Opportunity School (Reg. NO. 3099/55111/07)

            Blossoms Opportunity Special School was started for the benefit of the Special Children of Trichy on 17th July 1997. It means blooming buds by the grace of God and In his light blossoms make intellectually Challenged to bloom, shine and make a difference in the society, where we have bloomed. It wish to build a comprehensive and whole some picture of life with a sensible and sensitive approach. Blossoms caters to children with Mental Retardation, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Cerebral Palsy, Slow learning, Learning Disability, Multiple Disability and Down’s Syndrome.

Services Provided

            Medical Intervention and Referral, individual and group training session, need based vocational planning, home based training, regular student trainees support, family counseling, parent teacher association, Parent volunteers group, training programe for parents and teachers, awarenss programme for the general public through media, networking with NGO at local / National Levels, Community Based Rehabilitation Program for disabled children with collaboration of SOCSEAD.


  1. Rainbow Therapeutic Unit

            It was started on 9th July 2008 and mainly focuses on comprehensive and integrated therapeutic services to reach the unreached and hopes to create a platform for full participation and equal opportunities for children with special needs and it also impart training to intellectually challenged children with young adults of all levels of disability from infancy to 18 years of development through therapeutic services.

Services Provided

            Psychological Assessment, Early Intervention, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Sand Therapy and Parental Counselling

  1. Consultancy Services , Conference/ Workshops and Seminars






Conducted by the Dept.

Papers Published


Resource Person


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  1. Echo – Newsletter

Echo is an annual newsletter of the Institute. In house activities, out- reach programs, achievements of the institute, future plans and programmes are the main features of the newsletter.

  1. MOU

We have signed MOU with 6 international Organization and 14 other organization working for Persons with diabilities. 

  1. Edu – Tech Lab

            This was inaguarated as part of UGC Major Project HEPSN (Higher Education for           Persons with Disabilities) This lab is equipped to offer the following services

  • Reader Service

  • Scribe Assistance

  • Braille Literature

  • Talking books

  • Talking book Library

  • Computer assisted learning

  • Distribution of aids and appliances

  • Record writing

  • Referral service

  1. Regular Field Visit

Regular field visit form an integral part of the curriculum. The visit aims at providing enriching experiences and gaining access to the different methodologies and approaches followed in educating and rehabilitating the disabled in different institutions

  1. Summer Placement

All UG students of the department undergo the summer placement in organizations working for persons with special needs to get a wider exposure and knowledge in the subject. They also gain experiences in handling children with special needs in institute and community.

  1. International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP)

                The Department of Rehabilitation Science, Holy Cross College in collaboration with          Christoffel Blinden Mission has introduced the International Student Exchange           Programme (ISEP) from the year 2014. Two students (RAMYA.S and SINDHU.R)   from I MSc Rehab Science were placed in AL-NOOR TRAINING CENTRE FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, DUBAI from 22nd February 2015 to 26th             February 2015.Mr. Karthick of II M.SC rehab Science was placed in the same       institute from 28th March to 5th May 2018.

  1. Buddy Club

      A one to one support programme in which the buddies (students) from the club meet         the little buddies (Special Children) as and when they have time to offer help and          support in their natural home environment .Socialization skills are specially targeted    to ensure a better quality of life for the young buddies.

  1. Be the Change – Project Volunteering

This is a volunteering project, where the general public, interested in rendering volunteer service to Persons with Special Needs particularly in the Holy Cross Blossoms Opportunity School and the Rainbow Early Intervention Programme volunteer to work for a noble cause.


Edu Tech Lab






 Adaptive and Assistive Devices


 Need based services


 Rainbow Therapeutic Unit


 Sofwares for Visually Imparied