The field of psychology is considered to be one of the emerging fields in our nation. It has its own unique features. The P.G. Department of Psychology was established in the year of 2017 and entered its third year with qualified faculties and good infrastructures for the high impact teaching learning experience. Through this P.G. program we encourage students to consider careers and life missions that integrate psychological understanding to life. The ‘Halcyon Club’ was inaugurated on 10th October 2017 in the college; Dr. (Sr.) S. Catherine, Head, Department of Psychology welcomed the gathering. Initially the Department functioned with 11 students and 3 faculties. The department realizes the mission and vision of the institution to promote high academic standards through a continuous and dynamic curriculum review process based on feedback from peers, professionals, potential employers and students. A variety of student-centered teaching and training guidance are practiced by the faculty members. The faculty members also encourage students to participate laboratory training, seminars, conferences, workshops, field based studies, internship, case discussions and film based discussions and interactions with field experts.


      To promote the students to learn the scientific principles of behavior and mental process, to make a significant contribution to the field of psychology and produce professionals who serve communal bodies at local, national and global level.


      The department of psychology is committed to excellence in post graduate education. Our students are expected to competent to the field of psychology and its application to the real world situation.